Young Frankenstein Episode 92: No Tongues

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Young Frankenstein Episode 92: No Tongues

We continue with Elizabeth trying to keep Freddy under control. She realizes he need something to hold him at bay so she offers a kiss. Just as he is leaning in, she commands, “No tongues!” He pauses momentarily and then they kiss, but all the passion is gone. After kissing, he becomes somewhat passive-aggressive with her. He refuses to use his tongue at all, including answering her. His words come out as mumbles as he exits the room on his knees. We then discuss an interesting scene from the script with Inga, which is not the movie. We then close with the monster walking up the drive of the castle and Elizabeth singing a verse from the Battle Hymn of the Republic.

Joining us again today as our guest on the Wilder Ride is Pete Mummert, one of the hosts on the hugely popular, Indiana Jones Minute.

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