Young Frankenstein Episode 89: When did dropping chains sound like electricity?

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Young Frankenstein Episode 89: When did dropping chains sound like electricity?

We begin today with the guard taunting the monster. He claims they are going to get along like old friends. However, we can sense there is a dark and sadistic side to Rudy. After a few more taunting comments, he goes to light his cigarette. The monster starts to whine and look frightened. Rudy, the sadistic guard, begins to taunt the monster further. He strikes a second match and tells him that little boys should not play with matches. As he inches closer, the monster has had enough. He reaches out with both arms, wrapping his hands around Rudy’s throat. As the monster rises to full height, he pulls Rudy at least two feet up in the air while strangling him. After some shaking and gurgling, the monster drops Rudy to the ground. He then rips his chains off. The dropping chains fall, sounding more like electricity than metal! As we start to end the minute, we can see an angry mob is gathering in the town square sometime around 9:30 PM. Or maybe 10:30 PM. Time seems fluid in Transylvania.

Joining us again today as our guest on the Wilder Ride is Jeff Leiboff, a huge Gene Wilder fan and a co-host on the weekly podcast, Radio Labyrinth.

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