Young Frankenstein Episode 86: I suggest you put on a tie first

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Young Frankenstein Episode 86: I suggest you put on a tie first

As we continue in this minute, the table is lowering and we now see Dr. Frankenstein is holding a controller. Obviously, the local garage has been by to install some upgrades to the secret laboratory. As the table lowers, we see Dr. Frankenstein and Inga are naked beneath a sheet. As the platform comes to the ground, we see her head lying on his arm. They are enjoying a cigarette after their apparent intellectual discussion. Frau Blucher is chastised by the doctor for interrupting his work. She says she understands, but it is important. She says a telegram just arrived announcing the arrival of Elizabeth, his fiancee. Then Frau Blucher advises he put on a tie first before going out to meet her.

Joining us for the first time as our guests on the Wilder Ride are Tim Andrews and Jeff Leiboff. Tim is an Atlanta radio personality, heard weekdays on The Von Haessler Doctrine from 9AM-11AM on WSB Radio. Tim also hosts a weekly podcast called Radio Labyrinth. Jeff Leiboff is a huge Gene Wilder fan, a long-time friend of Tim’s and a co-host on Radio Labyrinth.

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