Young Frankenstein Episode 84: Maybe the creature is afraid of heights

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Young Frankenstein Episode 84: Maybe the creature is afraid of heights

We open today’s episode in the panic of the opera house. Dr. Frankenstein is trying to regain control of his monster, but to no avail. The monster shoves him across the stage where he falls into a pile of lettuce and cabbage. The monster then does a stage dive into the police and after a brief struggle, the cops lift the creature onto their shoulders. The act of lifting him up causes him to stop fighting and they carry him out of the theatre. Maybe he is afraid of heights? We end with a shot of the monster in chains in a prison cell. As the camera pulls back, we see a crowd gathered outside of a window, jeering at the creature. Dr. Frankenstein is showing true signs of worry over the fate of his creation. Inga also shares in the discussion about the poor monster in chains.

Joining us for the first time as our guest on the Wilder Ride is Dave Dalessandro, who is the editor and co-host of Seinfeld Minute with his girlfriend, LeeAnn. We will get his insights into the minute but Walt cannot help diving into Seinfeld talk. Seems we may see Walt join Dave at some point in the future on his podcast.

Check out this episode!

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