Young Frankenstein Episode 83: Why does the crowd boo?

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Young Frankenstein Episode 83: Why does the crowd boo?

Today’s episode continues with Dr. Frankenstein and his monster in lock-step of their tap dance routine. Frederick pauses because it is time for the monster to get his solo. He begins to perform large pinwheels to the cheers and delight of the audience. Just as everything is going as planned, a light (or something) explodes, startling the creature. He stops and screams, backing away from the explosion. Dr. Frankenstein rushes forward, stamping out the bits of flame, demanding they continue. He tries to restart his tap routine, but the music is silent. The crowd begins to boo and suddenly they throw heads of leaf lettuce at the two performers. Dr. Frankenstein begs them to not humiliate the monster. But, not heeding his own advice, when the monster begins to roar, Dr. Frankenstein demands obedience. His monster rebels, shoving the doctor backwards and knocking him out cold. We wonder, why does the crowd boo in the first place?

Joining us again as our guest on the Wilder Ride is Matt Gray, former private detective and current land surveyor.


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