Young Frankenstein Episode 78: What the heck is fahmeese?

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Young Frankenstein Episode 78: What the heck is fahmeese?

As we begin today’s episode, the camera continues to pan across the theatre, full of patrons. While they patiently sit, waiting for the show to start, the police make an entrance. Because of the possibility of something going wrong, Inspector Kemp has guards on hand. After one of the officer fixes his outstretched arm, a spotlight hits the stage. The emcee addresses the audience and then introduces someone who is both fahmeese and infamous — Baron Freidrich von Frankenstein. Because of his family’s reputation, there is no other applause save for the emcee’s.

Joining for the first time as our guest on the Wilder Ride is Eric Nash, co-host of Watchmen Minute and a huge devotee of the movies-by-minutes format. He has been a guest on dozens of other MxM podcasts.

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