Young Frankenstein Episode 77: The three types of immortality

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Young Frankenstein Episode 77: The three types of immortality

We begin with Dr. Frankenstein telling his monster he will show him he is loved. He promises to teach him to walk and talk. He wants to prove to the world just what an amazing contribution to science he will be! Inga asks if Frederick is okay and he acknowledges by claiming his name is FRANKENSTEIN! We close with a marquee displaying a gathering of notable scientists to see a one-night-only presentation of The Creature. Our guest discusses three types of immortality and does such a good job, it needs to be a requirement for everyone to listen.

Returning to us as a guest on the Wilder Ride is Sean German, host of Groundhog Minute, co-host of Spinal Tap Minute and creator of Five Minutes of Mime. Sean was last with us during minutes 2630, where we went from the candle in the bookcase to a freshly dead Igor sitting on the shelf. If you thought he gave a thorough explanation of immortality on the Indiana Jones minute, you haven’t heard anything. Today, he delivers his full-on doctoral thesis on the subject.

Check out this episode!

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