Young Frankenstein Episode 76: A proud parent moment

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Young Frankenstein Episode 76: A proud parent moment

We continue today’s episode with Dr. Frankenstein telling his creature to look at that sweet smile. Once the creature is taken off guard, Frederick continues to flatter the monster. His flattering allows him to close in and eventually he’s sitting on the monster’s lap. At the end of the minute, it seems the young Dr. Frankenstein is building up to a huge revelation about his own existence. It is a proud parent moment between the doctor and his creation. Dr. Frankenstein vows to teach and train his monster.

Returning to us as a guest on the Wilder Ride is Sean German, host of Groundhog Minute, co-host of Spinal Tap Minute and creator of Five Minutes of Mime. Sean was last with us during minutes 2630, where we went from the candle in the bookcase to a freshly dead Igor sitting on the shelf.

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