Young Frankenstein Episode 75: We are all full of skubala

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Young Frankenstein Episode 75: We are all full of skubala

Dr. Frankenstein begs to be let out of the room, resorting to both cursing and calling for his mommy. It appears the monster is scaring the skubala out the good doctor. This is a biblical phrase according to pastor Jody Stancil. As much as he begs, it is evident that none of his compatriots are going to break their promise to not open the door. Turing to face the creature, who has broken free from his bonds, the young Dr. Frankenstein first mutters something under his breath and then goes for the only play he has — flattery.

Joining us for the first time as our guest on the Wilder Ride is Jody Stancil, pastor at Riverside Community Church, who is a huge fan of the work of Gene Wilder.

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