Young Frankenstein Episode 74: Been nice working with you

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Young Frankenstein Episode 74: Been nice working with you

At the start of this episode, Dr. Frankenstein is still giving out his very specific and detailed instruction to Frau Blucher, Inga and Igor. He demands, under no circumstances are they to open the locked door once he steps inside. In typical Igor fashion he says, “Been nice working with you.” As Dr. Frankenstein makes his way into the private library, now a prison for his creature, he accidentally bumps the table. This causes the monster to awaken with a roar. Dr. Frankenstein immediately tries to make a u-turn for the door.

Joining us again today as our guest on the Wilder Ride is Jody Stancil, pastor at Riverside Community Church, who is a huge fan of the work of Gene Wilder.

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