Young Frankenstein Episode 72: Transylvanian urban legend

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Young Frankenstein Episode 72: Transylvanian urban legend

We continue with the door to Harold’s cottage being decimated. We then discover a Transylvanian urban legend. As Harold calls out to the monster, we find his final line has been in the script this whole time. It was not made up on the set. In fact, there was an entire bit to follow the exit of Frankenstein’s monster.

Later, we see the hulking shadow of the creature roaming the late-night streets of Transylvania. He is suddenly drawn to the sound of a violin playing a familiar tune. As he is lured, a bearded man in an over-sized hat yells, “Now!”

Returning for one more day as our guest here on the Wilder Ride, Doug Greenberg of Rocky Minute, will help to close out the last moments of the scene between Harold and Frankenstein’s monster.

Check out this episode!

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