Young Frankenstein Episode 67: Welcome to Flingingstein Discount Airways

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Young Frankenstein Episode 67: Welcome to Flingingstein Discount Airways

Who knew Transylvania was now home to a new airline, Flingingstein Discount Airways? Before we can get to Heidi’s flight, we start with her finishing her sentence about what are they going to throw in the well now? The monster knowingly gives a half-smile and a wink because of what he might throw in next. Meanwhile, the parents are agonizing over whether or not they checked the upstairs bedroom. It occurs to them she may be in the bathroom.

While they run upstairs, we return to the girl and the monster where she next commands him to sit on her see-saw. As he does, he catapults her into the air and into her bedroom through her open window. Heidi hits her bed just as her parents rush in to find her sound asleep. Or, perhaps she is unconscious from the landing? We end with the image of a lone cabin in the woods, the camera pushing into the interior. Inside, it appears we see a lone, bearded man praying next to an old record player.

We did not have any guests again this minute, choosing to go solo for the two minutes with Heidi and her parents. Sometimes it’s nice to have a smaller team when heading out on this Wilder Ride.

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