Young Frankenstein Episode 66: It’s a hard life in Transylvania

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Young Frankenstein Episode 66: It’s a hard life in Transylvania

It’s a hard life in Transylvania. We begin with a little girl pulling petals off a flower and dropping them in the well. She is singing a “pretty little” song to her “pretty little” flower. The monster shows up behind her. We then immediately cut to her parents. Her dad is boarding up the windows of the house because of all the talk about “this monster business.” Furthermore, it dawns on him that he has not seen Helga. He questions his wife and she reminds him she had to worry about dinner. Apparently, they each thought the other had put their daughter, Helga, to bed.

We cut back to the well where Helga has taught the monster how to pluck petals and to blow a kiss. Unfortunately, because all of the petals are now plucked, they have run out of things to throw into the well.

Today, our brave hosts, Alan and Walt, are forging ahead, just the two of them. Though there is a guest coming later in the week, it’s a chance for them to tackle these next two minutes alone. Coming up, starting on hump day, we will be joined by Doug Greenberg of the Rocky Minute.

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