Young Frankenstein Episode 65: Hulk, smash!

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Young Frankenstein Episode 65: Hulk, smash!

We begin with the creature still sending showers of sparks everywhere. After a moment, his rampage continues as he heads up the stairs. Dr. Frankenstein follows in vain, while Frau Blucher yells to the heavens that he is free! The creature does his best, Hulk, smash! impression, plowing through the outer castle door. Once outside, he notices he is in the midst of a raging thunderstorm. As he looks up, a well-timed bolt of lighting illuminates the creature, followed by a roar of thunder. The monster yells at the storm and tries to claw it away before heading off into the night.

By the time the young Dr. Frankenstein, Inga and Igor get to the doorway, it’s too late. The creature has vanished into the night. Frederick puts his hands to his mouth, declaring to the heavens, “Dear, God, what have I done?” Igor and Inga make the same hand gesture, covering their own mouths as the scene fades to black.

Before the minute ends, we fade into an image of a young girl, singing to her pretty little flower by the side of a well. The minute ends before we see anything else enter onto the screen.

Joining us this week once again are the guys from the BK on the Air radio show, Barry King and Mike Clark, who are helping us as our guests on this Wilder Ride.

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