Young Frankenstein Episode 62: Is that statue holding his schwanzstucker?

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Young Frankenstein Episode 62: Is that statue holding his schwanzstucker?

At the beginning of this episodes, the game of darts comes to an end. Inspector Kemp decides to salute a farewell to the doctor but his arm ends up sticking in place. He cannot get his arm to cooperate, even yelling at it under his breath. Dr. Frankenstein returns a similar salute to the inspector.

As Inspector Kemp exits the castle, heading toward his car, it is obvious the driver had a dart stuck in his helmet. Moreover, we see darts stuck in every tire on the inspector’s car.

Before the care begins to pull away, we see, against the back wall of the courtyard, a stone carving. Inside the carving are four gargoyle-type creatures standing in various poses. One of them looks like he’s holding onto his schwanzstucker, while the others are reacting to it.

Dr. Frankenstein, safe inside the castle, looks out the window to make sure the inspector is leaving. He breathes a sigh of relief because he thinks he has calmed the inspector’s fears.

We immediately cut to the lab where Frau Blucher is sneaking into the secret laboratory through a hidden passageway. She moves toward the monster, secured on the table with four steel bands. As she gets to him, she speaks with a soft, motherly tone, calling him her sweet head.

Our guests today, joining us again, are the guys from the BK on the Air radio show, Barry King and Mike Clark, who are helping us on this Wilder Ride.

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