Young Frankenstein Episode 60: It’s genes and chromosomes

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Young Frankenstein Episode 60: It’s genes and chromosomes

The dart game continues in full force, with Dr. Frankenstein trying to use science to explain away superstitious nonsense. While the doctor uses intellect to allay the fears of the inspector, it’s Kemp who reminds the doctor about the problems of genes and chromosomes. He tells Frederick that the village has been on the receiving end of genes and chromosomes five times before.

The irony about the conversation is Inspector Kemp points out that it was the prior residents of the castle who in fact used science to create their monsters. Even though Dr. Frankenstein tries to make the idea of monsters sound ridiculous, Kemp says they are very real to the people of Transylvania.

We realize that while the dart game itself might be silly on the surface, the underlying back-and-forth debate is compelling. We realize, for all of his silly antics, much like Inspector Columbo, it appears his demeanor can lead to a suspect underestimating Kemp’s abilities.

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