Young Frankenstein Episode 56: Who knew Phoebe’s mom worked for the Frankenstein’s

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Young Frankenstein Episode 56: Who knew Phoebe’s mom worked for the Frankenstein’s

With the creature beginning to walk around, Inga exclaims she is frightened. Her fears are justified when Igor goes to light his cigarette and the flaming match-strike puts the monster into a rage. Just as Dr. Frankenstein is about to ask for something, the monster begins to choke him. Thus ensues a game of charades, which will end with Inga finally figuring out what the doctor wants. Teri Garr’s antics and mannerisms reminded our guest of how Phoebe (played by Lisa Kudrow) acts on the show Friends. We then realized that Teri Garr played Phoebe’s mom on the show!

As today’s episode comes to a close, host, Alan Sanders, swears he’s humming the Friends theme correctly. You will have to listen to the whole the whole thing and decide for yourself. And speaking of deciding for yourself, if you were a fan of the show Friends, watch Young Frankenstein again sometime and see what you think. You can always leave us your thoughts in our Listener’s Group.

Joining us again this week, we have a returning guest, Susan Delmonico of SJD Health and Fitness. She is a personal trainer by day and an avid lover of Young Frankenstein by night, who joins us on The Wilder Ride.

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