Young Frankenstein Episode 52: Tossing the petulant dwarf

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Young Frankenstein Episode 52: Tossing the petulant dwarf

We finish up the angry town hall meeting today. Inspector Kemp decides he will pay a visit to Dr. Frankenstein and have a little shat. This seems to temporarily appease the Town Elders and the villagers. Meanwhile, Frederick, Inga and Igor, having put on formal attire for dinner, are in the midst of dining. Inga notices Dr. Frankenstein is not touching his food. He immediately begins to mash the food on his plate with both hands, leaving Inga with the hint of a pout. That’s when Igor steps up with some heart-warming advice once given by his own father. Apparently the advice has more to do with tossing the petulant dwarf than it does providing Freddy any comfort. Igor, having delivered this chunk of wisdom from his dad, immediately goes back to eating a chunk of potato.

Our guests on today’s episode are the husband and wife podcasting team of Rick and Julia Ingham of The Mad Max Minute, who are helping us out on The Wilder Ride.

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