Young Frankenstein Episode 50: Meet the ratcheted arm of Dr. Strangelove

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Young Frankenstein Episode 50: Meet the ratcheted arm of Dr. Strangelove

The angry HOA meeting is still taking place. The elder played by Arthur Malet, scolds the crowd for their tone. He reminds them he is well aware of how often the Frankenstein’s cause problems. He tells them they all still have nightmares from the previous five times. However, he does not condone the use of violence.  After a call to keep things from turning ugly, the elders turn to Inspector Kemp. They implore him to say a few words regarding the situation of the new Frankenstein because of his own past. After an hysterical series of Dr. Strangelove slaps and movements to light his cigar and put his finger out, the Inspector takes a few steps into the room striking a pose. His monocle can be seen prominently over his eye-patch. Pausing to make sure all eyes are on him, he waits to speak. 

We wrap up the week with our guest, Tom Taylor, from the Indiana Jones Minute who spent the week with us here on The Wilder Ride having fun discussing the film Young Frankenstein. Tom is also a co-host on The Movie Hole and ABCDevo.

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