Young Frankenstein Episode 49: Frankenscience

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Young Frankenstein Episode 49: Frankenscience

We watch as Dr. Frankenstein begins to fool us and himself that he is okay with his failure. As he turns to walk away, he suddenly spins and begins to strangle the corpse lying on the table. Inga and Igor struggle to pull the doctor off of his creation. He begins to weep, giving his assistants a chance to get control of him. They struggle to take him back upstairs as the young Dr. Frankenstein calls for his mommy. This isn’t science! It’s Frankenscience. Most scientists do not fall apart with one failure.

We then shift to an angry town hall meeting where the male villagers have gathered to raise their grave concerns over the happenings at the Castle von Frankenstein.

We continue our discussion, joined by guest Tom Taylor of the Indiana Jones Minute as he takes a break from their discussion to be a part of The Wilder Ride.

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