Young Frankenstein Episode 47: Is the body hot or cold?

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Young Frankenstein Episode 47: Is the body hot or cold?

The storm is fading and the doctor checks for initial signs of life before demanding to be lowered. While descending, he feels for any warmth to the creatures head or face. Smoke seems to be pouring off of the body. This makes us ask, is the body hot or cold? It made us think about that moment in Back to the Future when the DeLorean travels through time. We also notice there is a shot where the camera is mounted on the table. It shakes in conjunction with Dr. Frankenstein as the lift is coming down to the floor.

Once down, Dr. Frankenstein continues to look for signs of life. Inga rushes over to him to lend assistance. He then begins to perform CPR on the creature.

We are once again pleased to have Tom Taylor of the Indian Jones Minute as our guest to join in with us on today’s episode of The Wilder Ride. Tom is also heard on The Movie Hole podcast and ABCDevo.

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