Young Frankenstein Episode 43: Why are you shouting?

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Young Frankenstein Episode 43: Why are you shouting?

We continue gearing up for the experiment with Dr. Frankenstein shouting for Igor to get down quickly. As he twice asks if Igor understands, suddenly, Igor is standing shoulder-to-shoulder with the doc, asking,  “Why are you shouting?” After a brief pause to make sure Igor still isn’t up there, they begin to ready the rest of the equipment, by turning on the generator and taking one last look at the monster on the table. There is a moment when the doctor is lovingly stroking the monster’s chest, while Inga, feeling her affections growing, places her hand on Dr. Frankenstein’s other hand. Obvious to us, but not to the doctor, all he cares about is the reanimation of his creature.

We are pleased to once again have as our guestsBarry King and Mike Clark from the radio show, B.K. on the Air, joining on today’s episode of The Wilder Ride. You can hear Barry and Mike live every Saturday morning from 10AM to noon on WBHF. If you miss the show, you can listen anytime the following week by going to Soundcloud and searching for B.K. on the Air.

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