Young Frankenstein Episode 42: You can copy anything except the monster’s head

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Young Frankenstein Episode 42: You can copy anything except the monster’s head

We begin with the experiment to bring the creature back to life just starting. It starts with a slow tracking shot of some huge and oddly studded boots on the feet of Dr. Frankenstein’s monster. Inga thinks it looks hideous, but the doctor thinks he’s beautiful. He also seems to have a bit of a God complex forming. We also discuss how the monster can look almost exactly like the Boris Karloff creation from 1931, except for the monster’s head. It seems Universal Studios has the flat-headed image under trademark for awhile. The classic monster’s head trademark runs through 2026. Igor is up in the belfry trying to get a dual-kite to stay up in the sky as a menacing thunderstorm is approaching the castle.

Joining us again as our guests today on The Wilder Ride are the Host and Co-Host of B.K. on the Air, Barry King and Mike Clark. You can listen to their show live using the TuneIn Radio app and searching for WBHF AM 1450. They go live at 10AM (eastern time) and wrap-up at 12PM. If you miss them live, you can get an on-demand rebroadcast by going to Soundcloud. Search for B.K. on the Air.

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