Young Frankenstein Episode 40: What is it with the stores in Transylvania?

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Young Frankenstein Episode 40: What is it with the stores in Transylvania?

Young Frankenstein continues to admire the specimen he has created. Now it only lacks an equally impressive brain. Before he can send Igor out to get the magnificent brain of Hans Delbruck, Dr. Frankenstein notices Igor’s hump has moved from one shoulder to the other. When he begins to question it, Igor just looks at him quizzically. There is a momentary pause as the two of them stare at the other. Deciding not get into a debate with Igor, he dismisses the shifting hump and lets Igor go to fetch the perfect brain for his creation. He sends Igor to one of the many interesting stores in Transylvania – the Brain Depositary.

We wrap up the week with our guest, Paul Sullivan, of Sully Baseball who once again joins us on The Wilder Ride. Paul Sullivan is a regular guest on many other movies-by-minutes podcasts. His knowledge across a wide range of films makes him a valuable guest. His insights, combing a wry sense of humor and a no nonsense delivery, are why so many seek to add him to their lineup. Like a great closer, he is called from the bullpen to put the closing touches on the week.

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