Young Frankenstein Episode 37: How did they both get in that hole?

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Young Frankenstein Episode 37: How did they both get in that hole?

As soon as the grave diggers leave, we watch as Dr. Frankenstein and Igor make their way to the newly dug grave. The immediately begin to dig. Igor seems to approach the task in a more dog-like manner. They eventually manage to get underneath the coffin and push it up onto its side. (How did they get in that hole?!) They then load the casket onto their cart with the rain pouring down as they leave the cemetery.

It is amazing to think of Igor throughout the film as a dog. He never moves in a straight line. He always seems to be distracted or looking around. Igor plays the role of “man’s best friend,” aiding the doctor as a faithful assistant. But, like every good dog, they can sometimes get on your nerves or do things that can irritate. However, we love our dogs nonetheless.

Our continued guest is Paul Sullivan from Sully Baseball who is joining us on The Wilder Ride.

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