Young Frankenstein Episode 35 – How many ways can you say schwanzstucker?

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Young Frankenstein Episode 35 – How many ways can you say schwanzstucker?

As they continue their pedestrian breakfast, the doctor reads from his grandfather’s notes. Reading aloud, he comes to the conclusion he needs a very large body to make the experiment proceed more easily. After a discussion with Inga over the size of various body parts, she suddenly realizes he will, above all, have an enormous schwanzstucker. Dr. Frankenstein is momentarily taken aback in mid-chew of a bite of food. He takes a moment to consider and realizes, she’s right. Seems like it goes without saying.

After their discussion, Igor presents the doctor with a sketch he has completed. The sketch, seems to look much like a lumbering monster in the form of Boris Karloff. Maybe that is why Igor made the head blurry? Dr. Frankenstein considers the image and realizes Igor is onto something. Finally he surmises the hulking figure would be a perfect specimen for his experiment.

Our guests today on The Wilder Ride are private investigators Ben Peacock and Matt Gray.

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