Young Frankenstein Episode 34: Don’t cross the streams

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Young Frankenstein Episode 34: Don’t cross the streams

As we begin the episode, it’s obvious Dr. Frankenstein is still reading his grandfather’s notes from over night. After stumbling across the electrical know-how, he declares that IT COULD WORK! We wonder how the advice we know about “don’t cross the streams” suddenly is the answer. We dissolve to a beautiful breakfast the following day where everything seems rather ordinary. In fact, it seems like nothing crazy took place the night before. While dining, Dr. Frankenstein continues to read from the notes, though with a more sophisticated and calm demeanor.

Joining us as our guests once again on The Wilder Ride of the Mel Brooks and Gene Wilder classic, Young Frankenstein, are private investigators Ben Peacock and Matt Gray. It is enjoyable to have two working private detectives on the show with us this week as the film feels like a mystery in this section. Our cast is discovering secret passages, long undisturbed sections of the castle and hidden laboratories. Add to that the mystery of someone who must have been leading them the entire time.

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