Young Frankenstein Episode 27: Put ze candle back!

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Young Frankenstein Episode 27: Put ze candle back!

We begin with Dr. Frankenstein trapped on the other side of the bookcase. Next starts a series of tests to figure out how to get Dr. Frankenstein back into his own bedroom. Realizing the physics of whatever mechanism controls the movement of the bookcase follows no set pattern, he decides he will use his body to stop it from spinning all the way around. Needless to say, that fails miserably. It’s up to Inga to turn into a linebacker and shove the bookcase around. Unfortunately, she finds herself trapped on the other side. She utters the oft quoted and funny line, “Put ze candle back.”

Our guest on The Wilder Ride is Sean German, who has co-hosted the Spinal Tap Minute and Groundhog Day Minute and is the creator of 5-Minutes of Mime.

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