Young Frankenstein Episode 24: The safe word is unicorn

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Young Frankenstein Episode 24: The safe word is unicorn

Frau Blucher finally bids the Doctor a goodnight, but before leaving, Young Dr. Frankenstein catches her caressing and kissing the painting of Victor Frankenstein. We discuss if the safe word is unicorn for this scene? As we pass into the later hours, it appears the Doctor is in the midst of a strange dream. Initially, it seems to be one of pleasure. He is acting as though it is an enjoyable experience, but just as we end, it seems to move toward a darker note. Dr. Frankenstein also seems to be muttering words in his sleep.

Our guest today is actor Adam Boyer, joining us on The Wilder Ride to discuss Young Frankenstein, while entertaining us with his tales of amorous adventures with C-stands.

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