Young Frankenstein Episode 22: The staircase can be treacherous

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Young Frankenstein Episode 22: The staircase can be treacherous

We begin with an explanation of continuity and continuity errors, because the candles on the table are initially lit. Frau Blucher picks them up, but when turning to escort Dr. Frankenstein, Inga and Igor to their rooms upstairs, they are unlit. The script calls for the candles to be unlit, so someone made a mistake in the extreme wide shot. The joke resides in Frau Blucher calling the stairs treacherous, yet the candles are not lit.

Once upstairs, we see that the young Dr. Frankenstein is a remarkable resemblance for his grandfather, Victor Frankenstein. It’s as though, no matter how hard he tries, the Doctor cannot seem to escape the parallels with his past.

Our guest today on The Wilder Ride is Adam Boyer, an actor who has a unique Hollywood perspective of the craft of acting, what it’s like to be on-set and what happens behind the camera of a major motion picture.

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