Young Frankenstein Episode 20: I am Frau Blucher! (horse whinny)

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Young Frankenstein Episode 20: I am Frau Blucher! (horse whinny)

The hay wagon comes to a stop in front of the doors to the castle of Baron von Frankenstein. Just as Dr. Frankenstein is about to lower Inga, Igor uses one of the immense door knockers to bang on the door. Looking over his shoulder, Dr. Frankenstein remarks, “What knockers!” Inga, blushing, thanks the good Doctor for his compliment. The group approaches the door just as it opens with a slow and deliberate pull before the mistress of the house takes a step forward introducing herself as Frau Blucher. At the mention of her last name, the horses go crazy, rearing up and letting out a loud whinny.

Wrapping up the week with us on The Wilder Ride, is our guestJonathan Howell, who can normally be found co-hosting his own Movies by Minutes podcast, Minute: Impossible.

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