Young Frankenstein Episode 17: What hump?

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Young Frankenstein Episode 17: What hump?

After Dr. Frankenstein explains how to pronounce his name, Igor decides to change how his name is pronounced. He calls himself “eye-gor!” The doctor questions him, but Igor assures him he’s wrong. They have an additional conversation over the going rate for henchmen. When they begin to leave the station, there is an awkward moment as Dr. Frankenstein goes to pat Igor on the back. He realizes he’s hit Igor on his hump. However, when he offers to perform a surgical procedure, Igor, in all sincerity asks, “What hump?” After a long pause, Igor moves to help with Dr. Frankenstein’s bags. He first attempts to pickup the larger bag. Feeling its weight, he then opts to pickup the smaller one. The scene ends with the start of one of the most well-known gags from this film, the “Walk this way,” bit.

Our returning guest is Jonathan Howell, co-host of the Minute: Impossible podcast where they look at the Tom Cruise franchise, one minute at a time.

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