Young Frankenstein Episode 14: Are they having elbow sex?

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Young Frankenstein Episode 14: Are they having elbow sex?

Elizabeth rebuffs Freddy at every opportunity. Whether it’s her makeup, her hair, her dress or her nails, she will not allow him to get intimate. As the conductor calls for everyone to board, it appears all Dr. Frankenstein is going to get is some gentle elbow sex as they rub elbows. He boards the train and turns to throw a kiss to Elizabeth. She flinches out of the way as though he has thrown something disgusting at her. She recovers and decides to mime a couple of blown kisses his way before being enveloped in a cloud of thick, cloying smoke as the train begins to pull away from the station.

Our returning guest on The Wilder Ride is Susan Delmonico, a personal trainer who owns her own business, SJD Health and Fitness.

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