Young Frankenstein Episode 1: It Begins!

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Young Frankenstein Episode 1: It Begins!

It begins! We’ve been planning this for months, and now it’s time to start. We start looking at the film, Young Frankenstein, today, one minute at a time. As with many films of that era, we have to wade through a few minutes of opening credits. We provide some interesting background on the names of those involved in the making of the movie and some interesting behind-the-scenes stories of how they came to be part of one of the greatest comedies in American cinema.

We hope folks will enjoy themselves on The Wilder Ride. If all goes well, we plan to add special episodes after the close of season one. Then, we can begin work on season two. So, help us out by spreading the word and sharing our episodes on social media. We want to spread the word about the amazing body of work by Gene Wilder. If you feel the same way as we do, let others know about our podcast, our website and our social media outlets. And, if you are so inclined, come join us in our Facebook Listeners Group. We are on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.


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