Young Frankenstein Episode 0: Who is behind The Wilder Ride?

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Young Frankenstein Episode 0: Who is behind The Wilder Ride?

In our pre-launch episode for Season One, Alan Sanders and Walt Murray discuss how they came up with the idea of creating The Wilder Ride. It is a movies-by-minutes podcast focusing on the films of Gene Wilder. They chat about a couple of movies they considered doing before giving the audience the “big reveal!” Season one will focus on what the AFI called one of the greatest comedies of all-time. They also chat about some of the pitfalls they encountered and  provide information on the website and social media. They end by letting everyone know they will have a host of guests joining them on The Wilder Ride and episodes will begin dropping in late March 2018.

To make it easy to find them, here are several links to their online connections:

The Wilder Ride website, on Facebook, on Twitter and on Patreon. Feel free to contact us anytime using social media or our contact form on our website.

Tell friends and family to like, follow, subscribe and listen.  The podcast appears on iTunes, GooglePlay, iHeart Radio, TuneIn Radio, Stitcher and almost every other pod-catcher.

Check out this episode!


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